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"Lena is kind and wise and gave me tools and space to find my answers through her art therapy and meditation. With Lena's help, I was able to get through a difficult time whilst feeling supported and guided. The art therapy was also great fun and insightful. I highly recommend her."

Jessica, Singer/ Voice artist

"Thank you so much Lena... for your caring, empathic, gentle and unintrusive approach to my art therapy sessions. There was something very nourishing about them! I had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be a worthwhile experience.

I often arrived feeling unbalanced but left recharged, encouraged & stronger. Your guided meditations left me deeply relaxed and light. At times I laughed so much, and other times I was confronted by some surprising creations I produced.

I loved that I never felt judged and could just ‘BE’. By observing my own drawings, Lena guide me to uncover what was causing my anxiety, worries and monkey mind. A freeing experience... but most of all, I was amazed at the depth of understanding myself in the process. Therapeutic and I enjoyed every session."

(Sarah, 35, yoga teacher/ small business owner)

"I have had three sessions with Lena, and although they follow a similar overall format, each one has been very different in terms of tools and techniques used.

I was apprehensive about the first session as I had no idea what to expect, but Lena was extremely good at making me feel comfortable, listening, and at the same time able to gently steer the conversation and then helping me decide what to focus on.

The time flies by and I have found each session to be extremely restorative at the time - plus also extremely useful in helping me reframe my thinking in the following days and weeks.

I would recommend Lena to anyone thinking about counselling. As I've discovered the "Art" is just a tool to be used on this journey - it doesn't matter if you are not artistic and it doesn't always need to involve painting/drawing!"

(Claire, Fairlight)

"I had been trying to reconnect to myself and it wasn’t happening.  I needed a facilitator and found Lena .  It's difficult to find the words to best express the magnitude of gratitude that I have for the support, guidance and assistance Lena has provided through the art therapy session. She has assisted me to find focus, giving me awareness of how to focus on aspects of reconnecting , as well as tools to grow my life in a better way."

(Penny, Balgowlah)

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