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Art Therapy

Experience being calm, at ease and grounded

Relieve stress and anxiety

Art Therapy combines client centred counselling with art therapy processes. Art is a tool that can bring what is inside yourself outside yourself to be witnessed symbolically in a drawing in front of you. This helps you observe your experience without being overwhelmed by it.


It is not about creating a masterpiece ~ its about expressing what is true for you and is a chance for you to express and explore your true feelings, thoughts, and inner experience to situations inner and outer and both past, present and future.


In an art therapy session I consider everything that is drawn to be a symbol (colours, feelings, figures, words...). Together, we will explore your symbols and discover the meaning and energy they hold for you and what your imagery may be saying about your particular issue ~ what message is there for you that you may not have considered before.


Art accesses the unconscious (the unknown) and the processes along with relevant directives I use (which may include meditation, mindfulness, visualisation and other techniques where relevant) have a habit of revealing what is not known or not yet conscious around a particular problem. We can then work to unpack what has arisen and I can work with you to integrate this knowledge.

VERY IMPORTANT: No artistic experience or skill is required to do art therapy. Anyone can do it!

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